We had some annoying rodent problems in the crawl spaces and Josue took care of them quickly and at a fair price. He also suggested we add some poison baits in a place where our dogs could not reach them. No more rats in the bushes. Great follow up. Highly recommended.

Francis Gasparini

We used SM Pest Control for rodent extermination in our attic and crawl space under the house and could not be more pleased with their service! Josue is extremely professional, polite, responsive, and does quality work. After sealing entrance points and rat proofing our house, SM Pest Control came to do weekly checks and even came back to do extra checks when we discovered another rat made it in before our originally scheduled last check. We look forward to using their services again, especially with Summer approaching and bugs/ants/spiders coming around again. Thank you Josue!!

Brittany Young

Josue, need you to get in touch as your voice mail is full. Need service at Oakwood address.

Vard Whittick

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